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Is Eyelid Surgery Appropriate For You?

double eyelid surgery singapore

One of the basic facial features that many take for granted are the eyelids. Yes, those tiny folds of skin on top of your eyes do more than just protect your vital sense of sight. They can play a major role in making someone look beautiful and feel beautiful. Together with the big bang medical tourism is creating in the field of plastic surgery, an increasing number of patients are coming into the cosmetic clinics and requesting various procedures that make them look beautiful. One of the most in-demand cosmetic procedures is eyelid surgery.

There are different eyelid surgeries available to address the different eyelid issues. The double eyelid fold surgery is one type that only Asians are able to benefit from. Double eyelid fold surgeries aim to create a distinct crease on one’s eyelids, eventually making Asians who used to have single eyelids now sport a natural looking double eyelid. There are various techniques employed in double eyelid fold surgery, with the common goal of generating double eyelids. There are different perks of this procedure. Application of eye make-up is done more easily, and the full make-up potential is realized. Although many critics say Asians only get this to look more Western, the main reason and major bonus of such a procedure is to enhance one’s beauty.

Many may not be aware, but there are actually different types of eyelid structures distinct to a particular race. Caucasians have the most ideal, one with double eyelids. One the other hand, Asians are unique in their own way with their single eyelid. Although having single eyelids do not pose any direct problems related to function, it can be a huge factor when one wants to look gorgeous. Thus, many Asians wish to go under the knife and have a double eyelid surgery done.

We all strive to look beautiful and to fight the aging of our body. One way to improve your facial look is the eyelid surgery. The main purpose of this surgical intervention is to improve the appearance of the upper and/or lower eyelid as well as the look of the area on the face around the eye. As a result your eyes and face are supposed to look younger and more aesthetic.

The double eyelid sur25gery singapore aims to use the natural forms of the eye to improve the appearance. The incision lines are made through parts of the eyelid that are suitable for the purpose. In this way the scars of the surgery will be naturally concealed to give you a better and not an abnormal doll-like look. This specific procedure is applied to both the upper and the lower eyelid. The incisions are then closed with a type of absorbable structure or surgical tape as well as with skin adhesives. Just like with all such interventions the procedure is invasive and requires anesthesia and an appropriate recovery period.

Despite the common misconception cosmetic eyelid surgery is not recommended to young people who do not have any evident appearance of aging. The double eyelid surgery singapore is beneficial in cases of loose eyelid skin creating an unpleasant appearance and sometimes reduced vision. It is also successfully applied to remove fats that have built up in the area surrounding the eye as well as wrinkles in the same part of the face. It can also cure droopiness of the lower eyelid.

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