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Great Benefits Of Eating Brown Rice

carbs in brown rice

There are many benefits that come with brown rice. Some of the benefits include:

Cardiovascular health

The rice is rich in selenium which prevents blockage of heart arteries due to plaque buildup. The tissues around the grain have been found to be very effective in acting against angiotensin II which is known to contribute to high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

Magnesium which is also abundant in the rice aids in regulating blood pressure and offsetting sodium levels in the body.

Lowering cholesterol levels

Studies have shown that the rice contains hypocholesterolemic qualities that aid in regulating cholesterol catabolism. Other studies have shown that taking high amounts of brown rice aids in improving serum and HDL cholesterol. According to the studies, when you take the rice you lower your bad cholesterol levels by up 7%.

The rice also prevents the rise of liver triglycerides due to excessive alcohol intake.

Cancer prevention

Cancer is currently one of the most dangerous diseases. The rice prevents different types of cancers from occurring. These cancers are colon, leukemia and breast cancer. The effectiveness is brought about by the presence of antioxidants and high fiber content in rice.

Fiber binds to harmful cancer-causing toxins thus preventing them from attaching themselves to the walls of the colon.

The rice has also been found to have high levels of phenols such as ferulic acid, tricin, and caffeic acid. These phenols inhibit proliferation of breast cancer and colon cancers.

Promotion of bone health

As mentioned, brown rice contains high levels of magnesium. Magnesium works together with calcium to give your bones their physical structure. Studies have shown that taking only one cup of rice amounts of up to 21% of the recommended daily magnesium intake.

Anxiety combat

Germinated rice contains GABA, glutamine, and glycerin. These amino acids act as inhibitory neurotransmitters that prevent anxiety, stress and depression messages from reaching the brain. This results to you having feeling of well-being. This results to you being productive in your work.

In addition to this, magnesium present in brown rice aids in balancing the activity of calcium; therefore, you are able to control nerve and muscle tone. This ensures that there isn’t a sudden surge of calcium into the nerve cells. Due to this your nerves remain in a relaxed state.

Improvement in digestion

The rice contains a lot of fiber that aids in regulating bowel function. The fiber also gives you a fuller feeling thus you eat less. The carbs in brown rice prevents you from absorbing acid and humidity thus you retain texture much better.


These are a few of the many benefits of carbs in brown rice. To reap the full benefits of the rice you should cook it right. Remember that due to the outer fiber coating, the rice tends to take longer cooking and requires more water than white rice.

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