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Common List of Eyeglass Breaks – Why Visit Optician for Repair?

Eyeglasses are prone to break, which causes inconvenience and trouble. You need to run to an eyeglass repair center immediately, especially if you don’t have an extra pair. At times, the repair will be minor and quick. If the damage is bad then your optician may proclaim that it is unworthy of repair.

In case of minor damage, you may get tempted to fix it on your own. Today, there are many videos available on how to repair broken eyeglasses. Superglue & needles, or toothpaste & baking soda are claimed to be efficient for eyeglass repairs. It is obvious that such materials can leave messy residue on frames. In addition, your warranty will also go void, if eyeglasses still carry coverage.

Why visit professionals for optical repairs?

Opticians are trained and experienced to find out ways to help you increase remaining value of broken eyeglasses. Breaks are of different kinds and can make a difference. Below is a common list of breaks which professionals at glasses repair Houston store handle.

Arms break from frames

Broken arms can be due to –

  • Missing screw.
  • Snapped hinge leaving screw on arm but not attached to frames. If possible the professionals order replacement temple. If this is not possible, you will need to choose new frames.

Bridge or temple half broken

Broken bridge or temple of metal eyeglasses can be soldered. If frame is plastic or titanium then repairs are not possible.

Broken or missing nose pads

It is common issue at the repair store, so they have a whole stock for instantly replacing the missing nose pads. If the upside down ‘U’ shape metal that holds the nose pad breaks then it can be soldered.

Scratched lenses

Scratches on eyeglass lenses cannot be avoided. Light scratches on the surface can be polished away but deep ones are not fixable. Insert new lenses to restore crystal clear vision. Investing in new lenses is an easy solution to replace scratches glasses instead of purchasing new frame.

Bent frames

Frames get tilted and cannot sit appropriately on your ears or face, so repair them soon to avoid more damage. Professional optician will straighten them easily.

Repair or replace of prescription eyeglasses

Repair of prescription glasses can be possible in above kinds of breaks but if your prescription needs to be updated then you will need lenses, even if glasses are undamaged. To correct your blurry vision, have your eye tested and get new prescription for new lenses.

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