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Clothes Drying Racks – The Unsung Heros Of Washday

clothes drying rack

I love wearing clean clothes, that fresh feeling of starting each day renewed puts a spring in any step. Of course it simply cannot last, the first encounter with a sandwich containing mayonnaise is often the culprit or humble spaghetti bolognaise or even a simple tomato and basil soup. Any of the foregoing could be splattered on my clothes.

This desire for renewal creates an ever-growing pile of clothes washing for the home laundry cycle. Washing is virtually automatic these days but drying can be done in various ways.

I have discovered a very simple 24/7 method of drying that not only dries my clothes and household linens naturally but also is energy free. The answer is clothes drying racks. They can be installed on a wall above head height or at chest or waist level, in double formations parallel or side-by-side they often use previously unused places. Washing lines can be installed wall to wall providing 60-70 ft. of washing line space.

The mighty modern clotheshorses are available in different colour ways and carry a huge amount of washing. They are available in maxi and mini sizes for ultra portability and use on the patio, in the spare room or in the bath. The latter is particularly handy for wet washing allowing it to drain things in the bath or for laying out newly washed sweaters allowing them to retain their shape.

As children we grow up completely oblivious of the mountains of clothes processing our mothers achieve. It is only as adults we take responsibility for the way we look, often after first going through a period of being completely unkempt.

The drying process can be the most expensive part of the clothes processing cycle made so much easier if we build in clothes drying rack or washing lines or kitchen or bathroom towel racks. clothes drying rack are silent unsung heroes that are always ready to champion our energy free, carbon neutral contribution in clothes drying.

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